You know the old story....
You hire a contractor to renovate your home, and it turns out to be an absolute disaster. Once the contract is signed and the deposit check delivered, the contractor is no where to be found. He never shows up on the job to over see the work. Work progress is sporadic and unpredictable. Trades don't show up for days on end and when they do show, the work is shoddy and incorrect. Know one seems to know what's going on - tile that was suppose to go in the bathroom gets installed in the kitchen. You try to call the contractor to discuss problems, but never manage to get him on the phone - unless, of course, he needs money, then he calls three times a day.  The project takes months longer than estimated because he has to pull trades off your job to work on another one. Workers spend as much time tearing things out as they doing putting them in, and the result is a dissatisfying experience that leaves you with a disappointing finished product.

....we're writing a new one.

Welcome to a brand new story. With Brian Barber Homes, each job, no matter how big or small, receives personal attention, not from some half-interested superintendent, but from Brian himself. He does more than just make phone calls and hope for the best. He is actually on the job, managing and directing the trades, overseeing construction quality, inspecting materials, solving problems and answering any questions you may have along the way. Come see why our customers are telling a different with a very happy ending.